Sonata Capital Group was formed in 2000 with the vision to bring together a team of financial services professionals with a shared commitment to help clients achieve and maintain financial security.  Our vision remains the same.  Your dreams are our passion.  You are our focus.

With over 125 years of combined experience, we are experts at seeing the complete picture – of our clients, their financial lives, and the complex world of investing – in order to help them confidently invest and plan for the future.

Respecting that no two clients are the same; every portfolio is customized to their own unique needs and objectives.  Every client, no matter how large or small, receives the highest levels of respect, care and personal attention.  Your needs are unique, your wealth management should be as well.

Since our founding, our team of professionals has shared these common values:

  • Empathy for the client, who always comes first
  • Service to the community